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Information and counseling on various cancers, their causes, underlying risk factors, life style, issues, prevention and early detection options, symptoms, latest diagnostics and treatments available, dealing with life after cancer and rehabilitation to organized groups (schools, offices, societies, homes, gyms, clubs etc) in urban and rural communities.

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Coping with Cancer

  • Chemotherapy
    It is the use of medicines to treat cancer. It is a systemic treatment which means that the drugs travel through the bloodstream to all parts of the body.
  • Myths about Cancer
    There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding cancer and its treatment.
  • Nutrition
    The importance of nutrition cannot be underscored in our lives. While in normal circumstances we don't pay too much attention to what we eat ...
  • Side Effects of Radiation
    The effects of radiation show up gradually.
  • Side Effects of Surgery
    You may experience certain short-term and long-term side effects of surgery.
  • When do I call the doctor
    As a result of cancer and its treatment you will experience certain physical changes in your body.
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